Kaveh Urea is also planned to be constructed within the complex next to the Methanol plants in Bandar Dayyer. Natural gas as feed stock is first reformed to Hydrogen, and oxides of Carbon which are then reacted with Nitrogen to produce Ammonia. Carbon dioxide is then reacted with Ammonia to produce nearly 3000 MTPD of Urea mainly for exporting purposes. Licensor and basic engineering contractor selection is on progress.


Polymer sepehr kaveh is also planned to produce Propylene and Polypropylene from Natural gas as feed stock within the complex in Bandar Dayyer. Kaveh Polymer sepehr kaveh plans to produce 520 MTPD of different grades of Polypropylene depending on market demand using one of the latest technologies in the field. Natural gas is first converted to Propylene and then polymerized to Polypropylene producing also Gasoline and process water as by products. Negotiations with Licensors and basic engineering contractors are on track and shall be finalized shortly.